søndag 30. mars 2014

Time waits for no man

I was hoping today that I would be able to blog about a wonderful hiking trip I was planning on taking today, however I was unable to make that trip.  I had planned to take the bus into town in order to catch the only ferry leaving in the morning at 12, however early Sunday morning was daylight savings, and my alarm clock did not change over.  This caused me to be an hour late, and despite my best efforts to get to the pier, the ferry was already leaving as I made it.  So without the subject I was hoping to talk about, I figured I would use this post to talk about a few smaller things that alone would not really merit their own post.

One thing that I enjoyed doing back home was going and seeing movies, and luckily they are not too much more expensive,  The concessions are even cheaper!  I have seen three movies during my time in Trondheim, the first was when one of my friends tricked me into seeing Paranormal Activity: the Marked Ones, I was upset because I was told that we were seeing the Hobbit.  A few weeks later I went and saw 47 Ronin.  The last movie that I have saw was the LEGO Movie.  It wasn't until I saw the LEGO Movie that I realized a distinct difference in movie experiences here.  When a movie comes to Norway, depending on what the target audiences age is, it will either be subttitled or it will be dubbed in Norwegian.  If it is an adult movie in most cases it will only be subtitled in Norwegian, as most adults can understand English.  If it is a children's movie like the LEGO Movie, then it will be dubbed in Norwegian so the the kids can understand it.  This presented me with a fun listening exercise.  I must add that it is very weird when Will Ferrel comes on screen and starts speaking fluent Norwegian, especially when the words do not match up with his lips.  Overall though it is still a pleasant experience and I found myself able to understand most of the dialogue.

Since Norway is Located further North than North Dakota is, it is much more common to see the Northern Lights.  I have seen them on at least three separate occasions, and while they aren't brilliant all the time, on one occasion I was able to take some very nice pictures with my camera. (It definitely helps when it can take long exposures!)

I feel bad that I was unable to make it on my hiking trip, however towards the end of our spring break I am planning on taking a hiking trip, so I will be sure to take several photos and have much more to talk about.

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