tirsdag 11. mars 2014

A room with a view

While there are many great vantage points in Trondheim, One of the best places to get a good view of the city is definitely the Tyholt Tower.  Located on the Tyholt Campus, the tower is 124 meters high, complete with a rotating restaurant.  One of my fellow international friend's birthdays was a few weeks ago, and to celebrate we decided to go to the pizza buffet to celebrate.  This was a welcome idea as being able to eat as much pizza as I wanted for only 120 kr was a welcome idea.  The tower is only a short walk from the Moholt, and is very hard to miss.  This is nice, because it makes it easier to navigate the town using it to find your bearings.

Once we were seated, I immediately took my camera out to take photos of the area, and I was not disappointing in what I was able to see.  I have to say that these are some of my favorite photos that I have taken.  It seams that everyday I am reminded how beautiful this country is, and it is making me anxious to get out and explore the countryside even more.  I have been planning a hiking trip for Easter vacation that I a looking forward to.

One thing that has been interesting here in Norway has been the weather.  I have been constantly told that this is one of weirdest winters Trondheim has had in many years.  Since I have gotten here, it has only snowed once. (A complete 180 from what it was like in Grand Forks before I left)  It has also been relatively warm here as well, with temperatures staying above freezing for most of my time here.  The past week has seen a lot of rain, it rained all day just a few days ago.  However, it was a welcome sight after seeing some of the snow storms back home before I left.  I'm really looking forward to when things warm up even more and I can start doing some hiking day trips.

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